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Assam Govt. Holiday List 2014 and Calendar

By Assam Trends - Tuesday, 31 December 2013 No Comments
First of all, Happy New Year 2014 to the people of Assam and all of our esteemed readers across the globe. A great year has passed; another great year awaits. I would like to thank all our readers for their love and support that has made possible for both Assam Journal and Assam Trends to sustain and record new heights of success. Your presence here gives us a lot of motivation, inspiration and energy to work harder and bring for you new, relevant and interesting contents and resources.

Today, we would like to publish for you a small yet very important information that most of you have already requested to us over the last couple of weeks. As you are aware, Assam Government has already announced the new Holiday List for the year 2014 and the same can be found below.

The table below lists all the gazetted as well as restricted holidays that State govt. employees will be able to avail. There are also few half holidays which are indicated in the subsequent table.

Date Day Name of the Festival Date Day Name of the Festival
14.01.2014 Mon Magh Bihu and Tusu Puja 01.01.2014 Wed New Years Day
15.01.2014 Tue 14.01.2014 Tue Fateha-e-Duwaz Daham
23.01.2014 Thu Netaji's Birthday 17.01.2014 Fri Silpi Divas
26.01.2014 Sun Republic Day 28.01.2014 Tue Gwther Bathow San
31.01.2014 Fri Me-Dum-Me-Phi 18.02.2014 Tue Karbi Dehal Kachir Dom
14.02.2014 Fri Bir Chilarai Divas 19.02.2014 Wed Ali-Aye-Legang
16.03.2014 Sun Dol Jatra 27.02.2014 Thu Shivaratri
14.04.2014 Mon Bohag Bihu 10.03.2014 Mon Bathow Puja / Khring Khring
15.04.2014 Tue 13.04.2014 Sun Mahabir Jayanti
16.04.2014 Wed 16.04.2014 Wed Deuri Bihu
18.04.2014 Fri Good Friday 19.04.2014 Sat Easter Saturday
30.04.2014 Wed Tithi of Damodardev 21.04.2014 Mon Sati Sadhini Divas
01.05.2014 Thu May Day 05.05.2014 Mon Tithi of Gopaldev
14.05.2014 Wed Buddha Purnima 28.05.2014 Wed Tithi of Haridev
14.06.2014 Sat Janmotsava of Sri Sri Madhabdev 13.06.2014 Fri Baikhowa Festival
29.07.2014 Tue Id-Ul-Fitre 14.06.2014 Sat Sabebarat
15.08.2014 Fri Independence Day 20.06.2014 Fri Bishnu Prasad Rabha Death Anniversary
18.08.2014 Mon Janmastami 13.07.2014 Sun Birthday of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya
27.08.2014 Wed Tithi of Srimanta Shankardev 25.07.2014 Tue Lailatul Kadar
13.09.2014 Sat Tithi of Sri Sri Madhabdev 13.08.2014 Wed Bir Tikendrajit Death Anniversary
01.10.2014 Wed Durga Puja 05.09.2014 Fri Karam Puja
02.10.2014 Thu Durga Puja, Gandhi Jayanti 16.09.2014 Tue Birthday of Anukul Chandra
03.10.2014 Fri Vijaya Dasahmi 25.10.2014 Sat A.T. Bhubaneswar Sadhu & Bharti Dwitia
04.10.2014 Sat Janmotsava of Srimanta Shankardev 29.10.2014 Wed Chhat Puja
06.10.2014 Mon Id-Uz-Zuha 24.11.2014 Mon Guru Teg Bahadurji Death Anniversary
23.10.2014 Thu Kali Puja & Diwali 10.12.2014 Wed Martyr's Day
06.11.2014 Sun Guru Nanak's B'day 19.12.2014 Fri Gaan Ngai
24.11.2014 Mon Lachit Divas 24.12.2014 Wed Christmas Eve
02.12.2014 Mon Asom Divas(Su-Ka-Fa Divas) - - -
25.12.2014 Thu Christmas Day - - -
The Assam Govt. Holiday list 2014 also includes three half holidays and the employees have to work till 01:00 PM on these days. The festivals which are declared half day holiday are:-

Date Name of the Festival
07.10.2014 Lakshmi Puja
18.10.2014 Kati Bihu
04.11.2014 Muharram

We have also found a calendar along with Assam Govt. Holiday List 2014 being provided by NIC Assam and having Ref: Govt. of Assam No. GAG (A) 139/2013/178-180 dated 17-12-2013. These 2014 Calendar (in colour as well as black & white) are uploaded here for your information and use.

Will 8–hour work schedule be adopted in Assam Govt. Offices?

As per a report published in The Sentinel, the 8–hour work schedule i.e. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is likely to be adopted in the state govt. offices. If this new time schedule is introduced, the employees of the State government offices will have to work 9 to 5 which is at par the Central government offices.

If this new time schedule is followed, then Saturdays will remain closed. The new timing is expected to improve and strengthen the work culture of the government offices of the State.

There is no official confirmation on this matter as of now. It will however be very interesting to find out whether the government employees in Assam will have to work for eight–hour–a–day.

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